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Home Automation

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Welcome to the Next Generation of Home Intelligence

Nexia Home Automation

Nexia Complete Home Automation from American Standard is the new standard for home automation. At Mathis Air & Heat we proudly serve the Dallas Metro area with new and innovative products from the highest quality manufacturers.

Now you can control your comfort and security from anywhere!

The future is now with Nexia Home Automation. It allows you to control you climate, your security, and even small appliances from anywhere on the globe!

You can use Nexia Home Automation tools on your hand-held devices and monitor your home, get alerts, schedule operation of just about every electronic facet of your home with convenience and ease.

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Mathis Air & Heat Delivers Home Automation From American Standard & Nexia

Nexia Home IntelligenceIf you are looking for a solution that fits your needs with regard to home automation, call on the experts at Mathis Air & Heat. We can help you install and set up your Nexia Home Automation products and help you get your home running at full efficiency. With Mathis Air & Heat, we understand the ever-growing needs and concerns of homeowners to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. With the Nexia Home Automation Intelligence System, Mathis Air & Heat can help you put control at your fingertips.

Mathis Air & Heat stays on the cutting edge of technology so that our clients can have access to state of the art comfort. We are glad to meet with you to discuss ways that we can help you with all of your home air and heating needs, but we go one step further to bring you the convenience and functionality of full home automation. Mathis Air & Heat is here to serve you and help you get started. Give Us A Call Today!

Simple and Smart Home AutomationTake Your Home With You Everywhere You Go!

With Nexia™ Home Intelligence the sky is the limit (sometimes). From any place in the world with wi-fi connectivity you can access, monitor and control just about everything in your home including:

  • Opening and closing and monitoring your garage door- More than just a fancy garage door opener, this facet of the home automation can alert you when your door opens and closes. You can even schedule times that you want your garage doors to open and close.
  • Schedule front porch light to turn on automatically- When you are away from home and you want to deter burglars, simply turn the light on from anywhere in the world. If you pull up to your home at night and want the light on. Simple turn it on from your hand held mobile device.
  • Remotely view what is going on in your home- from your mobile device you can view remotely everything that is going on in your home through strategically placed cameras.
  • Get alerts- you can set up alerts to come directly to you when there is any activity in Your home. When movement is detected in your home you can know right away through text alerts to your mobile device.
  • Control your central air and heat at your convenience- If the weather changes while your away, you can change the weather remotely.

Home Automation Diagram 1

Home Automation Diagram 2